“Dr. O’Malley made me feel at ease and he understood my concerns regarding my trucking job. He was able to relate to my fears of the exam itself and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I would highly recommend his office and will be going back in the future.”


“I recently had my DOT physical at Driver Health Services. I made an appointment that was convenient for me and was very comfortable throughout the whole process. I’ve had several DOT physicals elsewhere and always felt a little humiliated with certain parts of the exam. However, I never felt that way at with Dr Tom at Driver Health Services.”

Bill J

WRTA mechanic, Worcester MA

“Great Service. The place I tell all my friends to go to get their D.O.T medical card.”

Anthony D

Railroad contractor, Worcester, MA

“I just received my D.O.T. medical card from Driver Health Services. Fast, professional and informative. I’m recommending you and your employees, that require a medical card, to go to Driver Health Services.”

Kim W

Landscaping, Grafton, MA

“These guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to these guys.

Thank you!”


“Super Service!! Those of you that have ” White Coat Fever – like me!”, this is the place for you!!”